Church Family


  • Melody Benson (fractured ankle & stroke)

  • Jerry VanBenschoten (complete physical healing)

  • Clayton Goede (complete healing of injuries)


College Students

  • Jaden Anderson

  • Keith Collins - Vermillion

  • Adam Fie - Willmar, MN

  • Michaela Fie - Nebraska

  • Logan Harvego

  • Maggie Heino - Crown

  • Juliana Henderson - Ridgewater

  • Elisabeth Prewitt

  • Sherri Prewitt

  • Eli Rehmann

  • Isabel Rehmann

  • Lauren Roux

Friends and Family


  • Camille & family (complete healing of kidneys and strengthening of immune system; Olson’s granddaughter)

  • Hailey & family (complete healing for Hailey; Olson’s granddaughter)

  • Mark David Krotzer (cancer)

  • Deb Krotzer (lumps removed from neck)

  • Joel Fie (trigeminal nerve disorder & lung cancer)

  • Violet (seizures; Stovners’ granddaughter)

  • Dorothy (surgery; Gloria’s aunt)

  • LaNette Thorson (breast cancer surgery)

  • Jason Cullip (blood clots; Chris Seger’s son-in-law)

  • Corrine (stage 4 liver cancer; Chris Seger's friend)


Names will remain on prayer list for four weeks unless otherwise indicated.  If you would like to add or remove a name, contact Sandy at (320) 485-3334 or


Military Service Members


  • William & Katie Fasching, Army (Rehmann’s grandson & his wife)

  • Stephen Flynn (previous Alpha guest)

  • Rachael Gustafson, Navy (Kylee’s friend)

  • Luke Henderson, Marines (Jill Henderson's son)

  • Taylor Jacquemin (Chris Seger's grandson)

  • Travis & Karen Lieb, Jag Core & Army (Gloria’s nephew & his wife)

  • Tony Meier, Air Force (nephew of Meiers)

  • Justin Rehmann, National Guard (Rehmann’s grandson)

  • Wyatt Schultz Marines (Jerry & Bonnie's grandson)

  • Alex Tristen Marines (Kylee’s friend)


If you have a loved one in the military, whose name and service you would like to have included in the bulletin, please contact Sandy.  Also, if your loved one has left military service, please inform us so that his/her name can be removed.

LWCF Supported Missions

  • Alpha Program at Living Waters

  • Love, Inc. Heartland (Delano, MN) 

  • Love, Inc. Big Woods (Buffalo, MN) 

  • Waverly, MN Food Shelf 

  • Tree House Ministries

  • Hope Centers for Children of Africa 

  • Heidi Epple (SIM USA)

  • Hope for the Nations (Brian & Sharon Gustafson)

  • Ireland Mission (Lonnie & Michelle Quigley-Chapman)

  • Vernacular Video Missions International

VVMI General Fund

VVMI Colin Edwards

VVM (Vernacular Video Ministry)

VMN (Vernacular Media Network)



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