Policy for Rental of

Living Waters Christian Fellowship Facilities


The Fellowship Hall/ Kitchen is for membership use only unless the council approves an exception.


For members a $50 deposit is required of which $50 will be returned upon inspection of the premises.  The facility is to be left in as good as, or better condition, when you are finished with your activity than what you found it.  


Please use painters tape on the woodwork and painted walls.  No tacks or scotch tape.


You are responsible for any damage that occurs during the occasion for which you rented the facility.


This agreement does not include the use of the sanctuary.


Everything is to be checked and cleaned before you leave the building after your guests have departed.


You are to provide essentials for your occasion (supplies at the church are for official church activities and are not to be used for rentals).  These include, but are limited to:

  1. Plates

  2. Napkins

  3. Plastic silverware

  4. Coffee, tea, bottled water, etc.

  5. Coffee cups

  6. Glasses for water /punch/juice


Church dish towels and cloths may be used but you are responsible for laundering them and returning them to the church.


Garbage bags, paper towels, and bathroom supplies will be provided.


Clean Up of Kitchen, Fellowship Hall, and Bathrooms

  1. All counters are to be wiped down.

  2. Stove top wiped down.

  3. Floors swept and wet mopped.

  4. Coffee maker unplugged and cleaned.

  5. Kitchen sinks wiped out.

  6. All garbage containers emptied and placed in dumpster.

  7. New bags placed in the garbage containers.

  8. All chairs and tables in the Fellowship Hall need to be put back as you found them

  9. Make sure toilets are flushed.

  10. All water facets shut off. 

  11. Wipe out sinks and mop the floor in each bathroom.


Before you leave:

  1. Do a walk through.

  2. Make sure all fans and lights are shut off.

  3. Turn the thermostat to the “week day” temperature (60'F in the winter or 74'F in the summer).

  4. Check all exits.  Lock those that need locking.


Thank you for your cooperation.

Printable copy of the policy and the rental contract: