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About Us

Living Waters Christian Fellowship has only shared the last six years of history with the city of Waverly.  We started out as a dance hall church that met on Sunday mornings in the Village Hall.  Then we had an opportunity to do a little remodeling in the pole barn building at 312 Pacific Avenue, and we moved two blocks east.  That has become our home.  You'll recognize us by the green steel roof and a large cross decorating the garage door on the east end.  We advertise our special events and classes by affixing magnetic letters to the garage door on the other end.  Visit us, and you'll probably be surprised by how nice things are on the inside.

Our congregation was formed to provide a charismatic member to this area's family of churches.  Charismatic simply means that we believe the Holy Spirit still wants to work through the church the way he did in New Testament times.  Every follower of Jesus is meant to have his Spirit dwelling within them and working through them for building up our Lord's Kingdom on earth.  We expect to see God acting in our midst, bringing health and wholeness to people in all parts of their lives, in addition to the core functions of forgiving sin and providing eternal life through the work of Jesus Christ.

What goes on in our church may be what you'd expect.  If you walk in the door on Sunday morning you will most likely encounter a group of friendly people enjoying fellowship and coffee prior to worship.  Our service begins at 9:00 a.m.  The format for that is informal and most of the music is contemporary, led by a worship band.  That is followed (during the school year) by Sunday School classes for grade schoolers through adults.  There are Bible study and prayer groups that meet on various days throughout the week in a variety of locations.  Also, a dance exercise class makes use of our fellowship hall three different times during the week.

We encourage our members to think of church as a filling station.  You don't buy a car in order to go to the filling station.  You get what you need there so that the car will be useful.  A Christian believer comes to church in order to strengthen his/her faith so that it can be put to use out in the wider world, helping to build the Kingdom of God by witnessing to the goodness of life with him and showing his love to people through service.  We expect the church to grow organically through that process, as new people are attracted to receive the gifts God wants to give.

Our goals are to live all parts of our lives out of our relationship with Jesus and share his love and transforming power with others.  To that end, we support missions at work on the far side of the world and ministries operating right here in Minnesota.  Our hope is to get to know these people who dedicate their lives to the work of God's Kingdom, so that our prayers for them can be pointed and effective.  Thus far, we have been happy to get visits from all the ministers and missionaries we support.  It's much easier to pray for people we actually know.  Not owning our own building frees up more of our offerings to support these ministries.

If you're ever curious about what we're like, please feel free to come visit.  We welcome all who are seeking our Lord's presence in their lives.

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